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This month Shanghai's government bodies implemented some crucial and very important policies in regards to the visa and residence applications. Below is a quick summary of different policy. Make sure to read carefully and see what applies to you..

Permanent residence visa for Business Professionals
Option 1
Must have worked in China more than 4 years
Yearly income must be more than 600,000RMB and paid minimum 120,00RMB in taxes
Option 2
You must have worked for one of the 3500 designated companies that has approved “high-tech certificate”. (We can send you the sample of certificate for your review)
If above qualified, you can apply for 5 year work permit, worked in above company for 3 more continuous year, you will qualify to apply for Chinese Green Card.
*if you renewed your work and residence permit twice, you can apply for 5 year residence permit.

You are not required to have a work permit to enter China anymore. You will need to provide your business plan, your partners, adequate funding for your project and you will automatically be given 30 day private affairs visa (S Visa) at the airport.

Job Seekers
If you come to Shanghai on a non-work visa and find a job in the city, you will not have to leave the country to convert your visa. You will just have to take your new contract, work permit and other required documents and we will handle all requirements for you.

If you recently graduated from Chinese universities and recently, you can apply for 2 year private business residence permit in Shanghai.

We are working closely with government agencies to fully understand and roll out various opportunities for your needs.

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